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Dr. Alija Ali is dedicated to helping his patients learn that they can get older without giving up sexual vitality. At Alija Aesthetics, Weight Loss, & Anti-Aging in Whittier, California, Dr. Ali offers a variety of services to enhance sexual desire and performance, including O-Shots®, P-Shots®, hormone replacement therapy, and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Enhancement Q & A

What causes loss of sex drive as men and women age? As women and men get older, normal changes in their bodies can significantly affect their sex drive. After age 30 or 40, men lose about 1% of their testosterone every year. Since testosterone regulates sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, and bone mass, decreasing levels of testosterone may lead to weight gain, less strength, the risk of osteoporosis, less desire for sex, and fewer spontaneous erections.

Women face the same challenges. As they get older, their levels of estrogen and testosterone decline. Low levels of estrogen also impact the health of their bones and strength, as well as seriously affecting sex drive. Along with less interest in intercourse, loss of estrogen makes it hard to have sex, as the vagina becomes dry and intercourse is painful. Lower levels of testosterone may also contribute to less sexual arousal in older women.

How do the O-shot and P-shot enhance sexual desire?

Dr. Ali offers the Orgasm Shot® or O-Shot® for women and the Priapus Shot® or P-Shot® for men. Both of these shots are based on platelet-enriched plasma, which is made in the doctor’s office using the patient’s blood.

After drawing a sample of blood, it’s put through a centrifuge so that the platelets are separated from the rest of the sample. Then a large number of platelets are combined with a small amount of plasma to create platelet-enriched plasma. Platelets are packed with growth factors that stimulate collagen production and tissue growth, including regrowth of blood vessels and fatty tissue.

When an O-Shot is injected into a woman’s vagina, or a P-Shot is injected into a man’s penis, the concentrated growth factors increase circulation, regenerate tissues, and improve sexual desire. Both sexes experience a renewed sex drive. Women have a revitalized vagina and enhanced orgasms, while men have stronger erections and increased sensation.

Does Dr. Ali offer treatment to enlarge the penis?

The Priapus Shot is also effective for penis enlargement. The first step is to numb the penis, so the procedure is comfortable, and you won’t feel the injections. Then platelet-enriched plasma is injected into the penis, where it helps rejuvenate existing cells and stimulates the regrowth of tissues throughout the penis, including blood vessels and muscles. It takes time for tissue to grow, so it takes a few weeks to begin seeing results. You may not see the full effect for about 3 months, but then you should see a measurable difference in the length and girth of your penis.

What other services does Dr. Ali offer for sexual enhancement?

Since the natural decline of hormones has such an impact, Dr. Ali offers bioidentical hormone replacement for women. For men, he specifically treats erectile dysfunction and can perform a complete evaluation to see if male patients might benefit from hormone replacement. As an internist, Dr. Ali explores the possibility of any underlying health problems that might contribute to sexual dysfunction, then treats the cause. He proudly focuses on the whole person, working with patients to ensure their physical health is just as vital as their rejuvenated sex life.

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