Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormonal Imbalance

Menopause Can Hit Hard

From hot flashes and insomnia, to bloating, thinning hair and a lowered sex drive; the various symptoms produced in the build-up and aftermath of your menopause can be extremely tough to deal with.

Hormones are responsible for regulating almost every aspect of your body’s functions, so when these systems fall out of balance every part of your daily life falls into flux. For women, the decline in estrogen levels which starts during periomenopause and hastens when menopause begins, can cause exactly this type of reaction. With symptoms often arriving as early as the mid-30s, it always pays to be prepared when your body starts to respond uncharacteristically.

How to Rebalance Your Body?

For years, doctors have prescribed synthesized hormone replacement therapies that reintroduce chemicals such as Estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), estriol (E3), Progesterone Testosterone and DHEA into the body. In most cases these HRT treatments are administered through pills such as Premarin and Prempro. While these drugs have proven their effectiveness in restoring natural hormonal levels these benefits come at a clear cost.

Various studies have shown that side effects of these chemical treatments can include everything from blood clots and increased risk of stroke, to a greater chance of breast cancer. These potential complications can deter women who would otherwise benefit enormously from hormone replacement therapies.

A Non-Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy That You Can Trust

Unlike conventional HRT treatments, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT) are extracted from plant and animal sources. The hormones created through BHRT have the same molecular structure as hormones produced naturally in your body, and pose fewer risks of potential complications as a result.

For women struggling with falling estrogen levels these natural treatments can be invaluable in dealing with the more extreme symptoms of periomenopause and menopause.

How Can I Get BHRT?

Bioidentical hormones may be mixed by a compounding pharmacist or Dr. Ali may choose to prescribe one of the FDA-approved bioidentical products. Either way, several forms are available. BHRT treatments can be administered in a variety of forms including: topical creams, lotions, gels, and pills, IUD devices, and small pellets.

Before prescribing BHRT Dr. Ali reviews your medical history, talks with you about any risks you might face from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, answers your questions, and helps you decide whether it’s the right option for your unique health issues. Once you’re satisfied with the options presented to you Dr. Ali can find a delivery method that best suits your needs.

Is BHRT FDA Regulated?

While many BHRT treatments are produced through drug companies and sold in standardized doses. Dr. Ali can also prescribe a custom-made compound of BHRT based on an assessment of your hormonal levels. These compound combinations are not FDA regulated as they are produced in non-standard dosages.

However, it is important to note that all ingredients used in these compounds go through the same rigorous quality assurance processes as those employed for the production of commercial HRT treatments.

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