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Get all the information you need on skin care routines, how-tos and anti-aging to find the best solutions for your skin type and concern, all on Alijamedspa.


Restylane® is a clear liquid gel Dermal Filler that provides facial contouring.


Juvederm® is one of the most modern types of Dermal Fillers.

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Alija Aesthetics, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging in Whittier, California

We offer comprehensive services such as: Botox, Fillers Juvaderm and Restylane, PDO Thread Lift, Vampire Face Lift, Lip fillers, VI Peel, Medical Weight Loss, Keto Diet, HCG Diet, Intermittent Fasting Diet, Fasting Mimicking Diet, Cool Sculpting, O Shot, Priapus Shot, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Shock Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, O Shot for Urinary Incontinence, Meyers Cocktail, Nutritional Deficiency Assessments, Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins, Holistic Medicine and Aromatherapy.

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    HCG Weight Loss

    According to most recent estimates, 70% of Americans are currently classified as overweight or obese. But it certainly isn’t by choice. Every year, 50 million individuals across the country enroll into much-hyped weight loss systems or buy up special dietary pills and supplements, in an effort to lose the extra pounds and regain control of their health and physical appearance. Unfortunately, only 5% of these individuals manage to keep the weight off for more than a year.

    Weight loss is extremely difficult, no matter how motivated you are. Every time you attempt to create a caloric deficit a variety of genetic, environmental, social and physiological triggers set into motion to hinder the long-term success of your actions. If you want to guarantee sustained weight loss, then you need to find a way to retrain your body to lose weight the correct way.


    Botox And Fillers

    Three basic building blocks of the body help to keep your skin firm, healthy and smooth to touch

    Collagen is a naturally occurring fiber which connects the body’s tissues. These links provide a strong supporting structure for your skin, keeping it firm and tight.

    Elastin is another naturally occurring protein fiber which is responsible for maintaining the flexibility of your skin. Elastin allows your skin to retain its shape when it is compressed or pulled.

    Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate found mostly in the joints and dermis. The acid work to retain excess water which is used to moisturize and lubricate various moving parts of the body. A steady supply of hyaluronic acid will keep your skin well-nourished and well-hydrated.


    Erectile Dysfunction

    Men who experience erectile dysfunction can rely on Dr. Ali to help them find a solution that gives them the healthy sex life they desire. Contact Alija Aesthetics, Weight Loss, & Anti-Aging in Whittier, California to learn about the doctor’s comprehensive health services and the Priapus Shot® used to improve erections.

    Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of issues related to your overall health and habits. Smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol can lead to difficulty achieving an erection. Stress and anxiety are notorious for their role in sexual problems, causing less desire for sex, as well as erectile dysfunction. On the flip side, erectile dysfunction causes stress and anxiety, which can perpetuate ongoing dysfunction and create a frustrating cycle.


    Sexual Enhancement

    Dr. Alija Ali is dedicated to helping his patients learn that they can get older without giving up sexual vitality. At Alija Aesthetics, Weight Loss, & Anti-Aging in Whittier, California, Dr. Ali offers a variety of services to enhance sexual desire and performance, including O-Shots®, P-Shots®, hormone replacement therapy, and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

    As women and men get older, normal changes in their bodies can significantly affect their sex drive. After age 30 or 40, men lose about 1% of their testosterone every year. Since testosterone regulates sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, and bone mass, decreasing levels of testosterone may lead to weight gain, less strength, the risk of osteoporosis, less desire for sex, and fewer spontaneous erections.


    Hormonal Imbalance

    From hot flashes and insomnia, to bloating, thinning hair and a lowered sex drive; the various symptoms produced in the build-up and aftermath of your menopause can be extremely tough to deal with.

    Hormones are responsible for regulating almost every aspect of your body’s functions, so when these systems fall out of balance every part of your daily life falls into flux. For women, the decline in estrogen levels which starts during periomenopause and hastens when menopause begins, can cause exactly this type of reaction. With symptoms often arriving as early as the mid-30s, it always pays to be prepared when your body starts to respond uncharacteristically.


    Alijamedspa – Urinary Incontinence

    You’re not alone, at least one in four women over the age of 18 suffer from highly embarrassing bladder control issues. With the numbers only increasing as processes like pregnancy, childbirth and menopause take their toll on your body. While all urinary incontinence is caused by the involuntary contraction of muscles in the bladder, the cause of these symptoms can vary greatly.

    While incontinency may seem like a relatively minor concern, the effects are anything but. Not only do patients suffer from depression, and high degrees of social anxiety as a result of their condition, they can also be affected by unsightly sores, rashes and even UTIs in the affected region.